Arabic/Hijri Calendar    
Adjustable Arabic-English calendar with converter, prayer time, azan, the Quran

The prayer time in this app is the time when a WAKTH (valid time of a prayer) is started. So, the prayer time may differ with your nearest Mosque in some cases.

Tap on the month title to change the calendar from Arabic to Gregorian (English) or Gregorian to Arabic
To go to previous month swipe from left to right and to go next month swipe from right to left
To go to previous year swipe from up to bottom and to go next year swipe from bottom to up
If number of days in a month is changed, then click on '+1 day' to increase or '-1 day' to decrease a day in the selected month
Press for a while (long press) on the month title to change/jump the year of the calendar
Press for a while (long press) on a date to enter a new event for that date

Update your location, timezone, method from Settings to get your appropriate prayer timings
To increase or decrease the default prayer times, go to Prayer Times Customization section @Settings

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