Sherlock Holmes Collection

All books and stories of Sherlock Holmes in Bangla

Feb 20, 2017

A free mobile application to read all the books and stories of Sherlock Holmes written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in Bangla/Bengali. Reader can zoom in or zoom out the text. User can also bookmark the page of any book which is reminded as po


Bangla Calendar

Bengali calendar along with Georgian (English) calendar

Jan 31, 2016

This application shows the traditional Bengali & Georgian calendar which is mostly followed in Bangladesh and India. The different consideration for calculating the date such as the rules before 1989 and after that year are also differentiated during the calendar calculation. Please note that we have followed the rules from Bangladesh for this calendar. So, people from West Bengal, India may find it different than their Bangla calendar.

The application has some other features such as moneybag manager and currency converter.


Multi Calendar

Multiple calendars in a single app

Feb 14, 2016

This calendar application contains multiple calendars like Georgian, Bengali, Arabic, Lunar and Persian. Two calendars can be visible at the same time, one is G


Prayer Time

Prayer time with Islamic Hijri calendar and Georgian (English) calendar

Feb 01, 2016

The Arabic calendar is an useful app that has the features of :

Arabic to Gregorian to Arabic Date Conversion,

Single click for date adjustment (+1 day or -1 day),

Highlight the important Islamic dates,

Daily Prayer Time,

Monthly Prayer Time,


Qibla Direction,

The Quran Recitation,

App Widget to show the recent prayer times on home screen,

Personal Income and Expenditure Manager,

Currency Converter,

Location & Method based prayer time settings,

Direct Jump to another year of calendar (tap on the month title for 3 seconds),

Swipe left-right-left to go previous/next moth month or top-bottom-top to go previous/next year.

An ad free version of this app is available at