Sholo Gutee

An interesting and famous turn based game played in Bangladesh, India, Nepal

Apr 11, 2016

A popular turn based game played in Bangladesh, India, Nepal and some other South East Asian countries. People usually draw mark on the land, table, bench etc. and use any thing like small stone, wood, or even paper as the guti (pawns). It is also an entertainment to the surrounding people.

User can play as single player mode, offline line mode with two players. Two players can also played in online mode via bluetooth or wifi or internet.

A chatbox is embed in the app using which players can communicates with opponents. Players can see their achieved level.

This game requires cool head and brain storming to be winner. You may get some interest.

Visit wikipedia to know more about this game.


Word Making Game

Making words from letter puzzles

Jul 24, 2016

A simple word making game that offers maximum eight character length puzzles. Users need to find the most common words in English. Uncommon words are not listed here.

For every puzzle, the number of words are listed according to the words' length. Users can also check the list of the words, which should be discovered.

For every correct word, user get points. The best score achieved in this game is displayed. The best timing for a puzzle is also displayed.