Personal Budget Manager

Track your income or expenditure and manage your moneybag

Sep 04, 2016

This application allows user to keep tracks for every single transaction made everyday. It keeps the up-to-date balance information.

User can search any expenditure or income for any item or category. This application can list new item or category based on the user's input. By clicking on the Date, search can be applied for any date range.

Real time currency converter get data from yahoo and converts any currency to any other. User can save/bookmark any conversion settings for future.

Useful for the immigrant workers in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, South Korea, Japan, European.


Arabic Calendar

Adjustable Arabic-English calendar with converter, prayer time, azan, the Quran

Jan 31, 2016

The Arabic calendar is an useful app that has the features of :

Arabic to Gregorian to Arabic Date Conversion,

Single click for date adjustment (+1 day or -1 day),

Highlight the important Islamic dates,

Daily Prayer Time,

Monthly Prayer Time,


Qibla Direction,

The Quran Recitation,

App Widget to show the recent prayer times on home screen,

Personal Income and Expenditure Manager,

Currency Converter,

Location & Method based prayer time settings,

Direct Jump to another year of calendar (tap on the month title for 3 seconds),

Swipe left-right-left to go previous/next moth month or top-bottom-top to go previous/next year.

An ad free version of this app is available at


Baby Care

Baby care information

Mar 02, 2016

Several doctors prescribed on how the new born baby should be cared until she/he starts going to school. Reference of the doctors is also given with their addresses.

Good to know for the newly parents or who are thinking to get baby.


Songbad Shironam

News headlines from different sources

Aug 02, 2016

This application lists the news headlines from different online sources. Users can click on the links of news title to get the full news from the original sources.