Arabic/Hijri Calendar        
Adjustable Arabic-English calendar with converter, prayer time, azan, the Quran
Bazaar Fordi
Creates bazaar-list and shares it with a family or friend
Persian/Iranian Calendar    
Persian/Iranian Calendar with Gregorian Calendar
Chinese Calendar    
Chinese Lunar and Gregorian (English) Calendar together
Korean Calendar    
Korean & Gregorian (English) Calendar
Bangla Calendar        
Bengali calendar along with Georgian (English) calendar
Tamil/English Calendar - Thiruvalluvar
Traditional Tamil calendar with Georgian (English) calendar
Age Calculator    
Calculate age, date or time in years, months and days
Ideal Weight Calculator    
Calculate ideal weight based on the height
Word Making Game        
Making words from letter puzzles
Sholo Guti        
An interesting and famous turn based game played in Bangladesh, India, Nepal
Dots & Boxes
A classic pencil-and-paper game
Prayer Time    
Prayer time with Islamic Hijri calendar and Georgian (English) calendar
Multi Calendar
Multiple calendars in a single app
GRE Mobile Dictionary    
GRE vocabulary with more than 4800 words
Mutho Barta
A J2ME(java) supported app to send SMS in Bangla